Anti-Spam Policy

Healing Through Movement is committed to providing our customers and subscribers with a safe and secure user experience. We support the protection of client and consumers' privacy rights as a fundamental element of our business. Since personal privacy integrity is at the very core of our business, our success depends on our ability to maintain the trust of the people viewing our products.

Our website,, strives to offer its visitors the many advantages of Internet technology and to provide an interactive and personalized experience. We will never sell, barter, or offer our customers’ email addresses to any unauthorized third party.

To protect our customers and subscribers, HTM only sends commercial electronic mails (CEMs) from our servers in compliance with this policy.

What is Spam?

Spam is unsolicited email sent in bulk. Any promotion, information, or solicitation that is sent to a person via e-mail without their prior consent, where there is no pre-existing relationship between the sender and the recipient, is spam.

Examples of Spam:

  • Any e-mail message that is sent to a recipient who had previously signed up to receive newsletters, product information or any other type of bulk email but later opted-out by indicating to the sender that they did not want to receive additional email, then that email is spam.
  • Any e-mail message that is sent to recipients that have had no prior association with the organization or did not agree to be e-mailed by the organization is spam.
  • Any e-mail message that is sent to a recipient without a way for a person to opt-out or request that future mailings not be sent to them, is spam
  • Any email message that does not have a valid email address in the From Line is spam.
  • Any email message that contains any false or misleading information in the header, subject line or message itself is spam.
  • Any email message that promotes an adult website is spam, unless the recipient has specifically requested information from that website.
  • Any message that is sent to e-mail addresses that have been harvested off of websites, newsgroups, or other areas of the Internet is spam.

When Does Healing Through Movement Send Commercial Electronic Mails?

We use the information we gather on our website to provide our customers with the services and/or products they have requested. Furthermore, Healing Through Movement only sends CEMs in the following contexts:

  • To communicate with customers about their registration and customization preferences
  • To troubleshoot, process e-commerce transactions, and other communications with our customers and subscribers
  • To provide customers with useful information about the products they have purchased and other new offers that they can take advantage of
  • To respond to a request for information or ticket from a customer

How Does Healing Through Movement Protect Customers & Subscribers from Receiving Spam?

Before clients can receive Healing Through Movement’s messages, advertising or promotions, clients must have agreed to receive such messages. Any recipient may request at any time to be removed from our list, and we will promptly comply with that request. In addition, we will thoroughly investigate any allegations made by recipients relating to unsolicited messages.

Commercial Electronic Mails that are sent from Healing Through Movement’s servers DO NOT:

  • Contain false or misleading information in the subject line or in the email content
  • Use or contain non-existent domain names
  • Use or contain invalid or fake headers
  • Hide any information in identifying the point of origin of the email
  • Use other means to deceive customers and subscribers

Healing Through Movement does not knowingly do business with any company that participates in sending spam. Healing Through Movement does not sell or exchange our customers’ and subscribers’ information. We do not permit or authorize others to collect, compile or obtain any information about our customers and subscribers, including but not limited to customers’ e-mail addresses. Healing Through Movement may disclose information it has collected from you and/or that you have made available through the Service for the purpose of facilitating payment processing, or when it believes in good faith that the law or legal process requires it, or when it is necessary to do so to protect the rights or property of Healing Through Movement or others.

What If I No Longer Want To Receive Messages from Healing Through Movement?

All Healing Through Movement’s commercial electronic mails provide recipients with an unsubscribe link. When the customer uses the unsubscribe link in HTM’s commercial electronic mails, the request will be processed right away.

Receipt of Unwanted CEMs from Healing Through Movement

In the unlikely event that customers and subscribers receive any messages from Healing Through Movement or sent using HTM’s servers that may be considered spam, please contact us at [email protected] and our Customer Care specialists will investigate the matter. We are committed to ensuring that customers and subscribers do not receive unwanted e-mails from our servers.

Changes to this Anti-Spam Policy

Healing Through Movement reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Please check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of our site following the posting of changes to these terms will mean you accept those changes. Information collected prior to the time any change is posted will be used according to the rules and laws that applied at the time the information was collected.